Welcome to Southern Web Media – We specialise in creating the online presence that your business deserves.

We have been designing and implementing websites and e-commerce solutions for over 16 years and have consistently listened to our clients needs and implemented their requirements on the world wide web.

Our abilities and experience means that you can rely on us to produce a professional website to represent your business.

Why choose Southern Web Media?

We are a friendly East Sussex based Website design and implimentation company. We are enthusiastic about our work and our goal is to help you get the results you deserve.

A website enables your business to become a national or even a global enterprise to market your business without the overheads of high street shop rent and rates.

E-commerce: Have you always wanted to retail a product but never had the finance available to rent or by a regular shop? We can help you. With prices starting from £499 you could be online within days.

Make your dream a reality with Southern Web Media